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This is a Simple Primitive Collections Library aimed to outperform Java's Collection Library and FastUtil.
Both in Performance and Quality of Life Features.


Benchmarks can be found here: [Charts], [Tables]

Special Features

Here you find a set of features added to Primitive Collections.
These are designed to improve performance or to provide Quality of Life.

Here you also find features that can be used when you compile the library for yourself.
These features are not used by default to have a wider range of compat, or require self compilation.
Such as pruning classes that are not needed in your code.

Main Features:

  • ArrayLists / LinkedLists / CopyOnWriteLists
  • HashSets/Maps (Linked & HashControl)
  • TreeSets/Maps (RB & AVL)
  • EnumMaps
  • Immutable Maps/Lists/Sets
  • ConcurrentHashMaps
  • Priority Queues
  • Streams & Functional Queries
  • Split/Iterators
  • Pairs
  • Unary/Functions
  • Suppliers
  • Bi/Consumers
  • AsyncBuilders

Notes about Versions

Any 0.x.0 version (Minor) can be reason for massive changes including API.
To ensure that problems can be dealt with even if it is breaking the current API.

How to install

Using Jitpack Gradle

repositories {
    maven {
        url = ""
dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.Speiger:Primitive-Collections:0.9.0'


The generated Sourcecode can be automatically build,
but if you want to just browse around in it.
Check out the Debug Branch, which has the entire up to date code.


If you want to contribute.
This project is created using gradle and java and my Template Library only. Nothing extra.
If you setup gradle the library will be downloaded automatically.

Where is everything stored?

  • Variables and ClassNames are define here
  • Templates are stored here
  • Tests can be found here

Please if you want to contribute follow the Rule-Sheet. It keeps everything in line.

How to Build

The SourceCode can be generated via:

/gradlew.bat generateSource      

to generate SourceCode and build the jar:

/gradlew.bat build